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This is our virtual summit website. Please visit our official homepage HERE.


Join us for this free, virtual event featuring more than 20 researchers and experts in depression, suicide prevention, and resilience.

6 Expert Panel Sessions  

In addition to our keynote speakers, we have six different sessions over the course of the three days covering numerous topics including:

  1. Depression in children and adolescents

  2. On-line diagnosis and therapeutics of mood disorders

  3. Mid-Life Depression

  4. Psychedelics and old new-age treatment for mood disorders

  5. Causes and Prevention of Suicidal Behavior

  6. Resilience Research into Practice

Keynote Speakers

We are honored to have these world-renowned researchers sharing their insight and expertise with us. Join us to learn more from these leaders in our field. 

  1. Understanding, Treating and Preventing Depression: How Can Neuroscience Help? 

  2. Getting Closer to Developing New Treatments for Mood Disorders Using Neural Risk Markers from Infancy to Adulthood

  3. New Faster-Acting Antidepressants: Finding Options Beyond Ketamine

2021 Virtual Summit

To coincide with the recent launching of the Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Depression in the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University, center co-directors Dr. John Mann and Dr. Randy Auerbach have selected a group of esteemed researchers to speak at this inaugural, virtual event. 

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Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Depression Center Co-Directors
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